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Hybridisation, Do you know about hybrid animals?

I know, Here you will come to know after reading this title because you energize to know science in a deeply.

Biology and chemistry,

I love both the subjects. So I decided to write one interesting stuff about science and that interesting stuff called,


           Do you know about hybrid animals?

Liger, Wholphin, Shepard, Pomato, Geep, etc. After reading these, you are a little bit confused, am I right?

  • Lion or a tiger
  • Whale or dolphin
  • Sheep or leopard and so on.

So I will clear all your doubts. Have a Look below and understand what I am trying to say 

Don’t worry about it,

These are some exceptional animals and which is known as Hybrid Animals.

Have a look, at how hybridisation takes place.

A hybrid is formed through sexual reproduction between two organisms of different species, breeds, varieties. The best way to clear about this concept, I need to take one small example.

When a cross-breeding happens between lions and tigers and which is done completely. From that hybrid animal is formed. Now, this liger will have characteristics of both organisms i.e. of a male lion and female tiger. 

Similarities like it will have body texture of tiger, eye colour of lion, claws of a tiger, etc.

There is some huge variation, ligers will be enormous from their parents.

Some question may be arising in your mind.

Why hybrids are formed? Are they beneficial for us?

The answer to this both question is yes, hybridisation has proved to be beneficial. Suppose, in your field, you have planted rice plants, whose yield is more. So, you will get a plethora of rice at a time. 

But, it is not disease-free. Similarly, the rice plant which is disease-free, it's production is less. There seems to a problem.

But, if we do cross-breeding of rice plant of high yielding to rice plant which is disease free. The result will be a now rice plant which will have characteristics or qualities of both the plant of different varieties. It means that the hybrid plant yielding and disease free both. 

This is known as Genetically modified crops (GM crops).

You might be thinking about, Do these hybrids reproduce or are sterile? The fact is hybrids are sterile. 

Even wonder why they are sterile or can't have their offspring?

This is The biological reason behind hybrid animals sex cells are essentially nonfunctional. They can't produce sperms or ovum. If both the parents are from same species i.e., they are from non-hybrid animals and the sex cells creation goes on smoothly. 

A normal animal will have a set of chromosomes from father and mother. Now, the body structure, eye colour, claws, etc. will be similar to the same species so their offspring will be identical to them. In this process, there is no problem. But, if the parents are of different species than there body structure, claws, eye colour, etc will be different.

Hence, their offspring will not be alike. Barely, female hybrid animals can able to mate to have their offspring using their mothers DNA. 

This happens only in rare cases.

Hybridisation is the concept of Biotechnology.

I think this valuable information is very helpful to all. Please comment your smart opinion about Science & Technology.

~Darshika Choudhary

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  1. Thank you now I came to know about hybrid

  2. Nicely articulated, now I understood what actually it is. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable insight.

  3. Wah! Wah! Isse padh ke toh maza aagayyaa

    Kaafi sari beeten jaane ko bhi mili
    Aur aaj malum pada science to hota hain lekin itna accha pehli baar dekhaa
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    YYourloving brother sanjayy

  4. This sounds very interesting .
    Knowing about hybrid animals
    Accha likha hai !

  5. Amazingly described what hybridization is

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