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13-Year Tilak Mehta, A True Entrepreneur Is Targeting A Rs.100 Cr Turnover | Case Study of Paper n Parcel.

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Revolutionary change happens when you think extraordinary. Extraordinary means something different and Unique.

History says When people do something great and unique that time it makes the difference. 

The question is what is different in terms of Business?

Different means Unique Idea. How one unique idea creates a billion dollar wealth... I am Talking about Facebook.  

How Mark Zuckerberg creates a social networking site which can help to gain billion dollar wealth. 

Today he is the youngest billionaire in this earth.

Have a look here,

A CASE STUDY of New generation company.


Where a new generation of students is busy in playing PUBG. In that generation, A 13-year-old young talent makes a wonderful company. 

Paper n Parcels company.

As the name of this company suggests paper company whose main work is to perform the delivery of Parcels through digital courier service.

Amazing concept and great Business model.

One day courier service. We can deliver any parcel by a day without any delayed. What a powerful Concept of delivery by a small entrepreneur. 


13 Years of Old Tilak Mehta, A Founder of Paper n Parcel Company. He is a young talent of India who makes Digital Courier Company by one-day parcel service with the help of "Dabba Wala of Mumbai".

He Managed all these services by Mobile Apps. 

A Light Weight App can help to perform every Task. From the Placing of order to Deliver courier services every day.

Tilak Mehta Think that people follow the traditional method of courier service. So the Digital and Professional Courier service helps to provide quick service.

Paper n Parcel uses a live mobile application for a business with the help of 100 Employee on its own and 300 Dabbawala partners, through whom it is handling up to 1,200 deliveries daily.

Any person can Download this app and also find real-time updates of delivery. 

It handled a defined area of operation connected by the city's framed network. The company handles parcels of up to 3kg and also charges Rs 40 to 180 per parcel depending on the weight.

The Initial funding for developing this app comes from Rushabh.

Papers N Parcels (PNP) is my dream and I will work to ensure that the business becomes big,” TILAK Says.

Papers N Parcel is targeting to capture 20 percent of the intra-city logistics market and a turnover of Rs 100 crore by 2020.


Young Talent will make the difference & PNP is the best example of it. 

Help those who have a great idea and vision. 

You don't know what happens in a moment.

~Jigs Prajapati

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