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Does the universe or world function exactly as it looks?

Hello readers, today we are going to discuss about some curious questions about the universe which always pinch in our mind.

We are living in the era of advanced science technology. Today we can detect smallest particles of quantum world and figure out its all properties. 

Still some questions  make us think twice.

Does the universe or world  function exactly as it looks? Are we not ignoring anything during all this? Do we know the right way of functioning  of the universe?

Let’s discuss this .

There is a new theory come in discussion, Pattern theory, that tell us about how the universe function in a strange ways.

During our college days we have studied in biology that our body is made up of cell tissue and muscle. After that when we go a little deeper  we found that our body is made up of oxygen, carbon, 

hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Looking a little more in depth, we find that our body is made up of electron, proton, neutrons , meson, boson etc.

We know that the basis of modern science is string theory, which answers all our questions in an easy way. But when we go into some depth, we get to know about how the universe function strangely.

  Here we take a person (whose name is Mohan) as example  for  describe the theory, Suppose, Mohan is lying on his bed and feels thirsty, then he goes to the fridge to get water and took out the bottle 
from the fridge and drinks water.

        Now here the question arises whether the same body of Mohan is drinking water near the fridge which was lying on the bed? 

We can say that this is the exact biological body of Mohan that was lying on the bed, but the particles of Mohan’s body have changed.  

Mohan’s biological body is still the same but the particles,  his body was made of, have now changed. But when we look at Mohan, we find that Mohan standing near the fridge looks like Mohan lying on the bed, it is because Mohan is still completely the same Mohan but his perfect particles were made of They have changed completely. Let’s see again from the beginning, Mohan is lying on the bed, then he starts to go towards the fridge. As Mohan moves towards the fridge, every moment  the particles of his body shatters and joins means Mohan’s body shatters and joins every moment. Then the next moment Mohan’s body particles scatter and join again. Next moment Mohan’s body particles scatter and join.

The chain of joining and disintegration of Mohan’s particle keeps going on and we like to see that Mohan is going towards the fridge but actually Mohan is not going towards the fridge but rather the Pattern or Blueprint at which the  particle of Mohan’s body are joined  and  scattered, it’s going towards the fridge. This theory says that Mohan’s body never goes to the fridge, but the pattern or body coding goes to the fridge and on that coding, the string that spreads in the universe join and disintegrate  again and again. This chain of joining and disintegrating keeps going on like this and we see that Mohan is waking on. But actually Mohan is not waking,  coding is going on. This means that on coding, the string repeatedly joins and disintegrates. 

One thing to note here is that when Mohan moves, the particles or strings of his body do not disintegrate and join, but even when he is lying, the particles or string , of his body scattering and joining, means that the process of scattering and adding string is always going on. 

Suppose you are hungry and you go to the kitchen to get food, then here you did not go to the kitchen but coding went to the  kitchen and the string present in the kitchen on that coding makes your biological body and you reach the kitchen. 

Here, the formation and disintegration of the body is a continuous process that is happening every moment, no matter where you are, no matter what you are, this process of becoming and disintegrating is always and always will be.

   One thing to note here is that the Pattern theory applies not only to humans but also to everything present in the universe, 

whatever it may be, living, non-living or any other thing present in the universe.

The second thing is why we never feel the formation and disintegration of the body? Because the frequency of this event is so high that we can never feel it in the normal way. It takes about 1e-16 to1e-25 second   for the body to form and disintegrate. This means that its frequency is  about 6*1e+17 to 6*1e+26 per second. 

      Here we can say why Mohan’s biological body is not changing while the string present on his body is changing. Why is this happening? This is because the coding of the pattern is still the same while the strings have changed. 

As we have seen above, when you go to the kitchen recently to get food, every moment the coding remains the same while the strings present in the universe keep changing, then we can say that your biological body was the same now. Also, but the strings present in your body have changed, but the new string, which replaced the old string, has the same properties as the old string. 

~Deepak Saroj & Saurabh Pandey

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