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Do you know how much it costs to make a mobile app? What do you think?

Do you know how much it costs to make a mobile app?

If you do not know then this article is for you...After the arrival of Covid-19, many people are involved in trying to come online.

And you all must know how easy it has become in today's world to come online.

What do you think i am talking about?

WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat?

I am not talking about any of these three, but yes I mean you have to understand what it takes to get online.

The easier it is to come on social media, the more difficult it is to handle that medium.

Whatever medium it is that you use on your mobile, have you ever tried to know how it works and how to manage it?

Now you must be thinking that why are you wasting our time, get straight to the point???

So let's get straight to the point.

All these big tech companies are in the market, these simple companies are in the market due to their small app.

How is this possible, how is such a small app running the revenue of such big companies?

What do you think?? 

It is a small app, no it is a big market.

The cost to make and manage this small app is huge.

How? I give you a small example...

It takes a seed to grow a tree, you're just seeing that seed.

But it needs many other things to grow up, like water, sunlight and many more things.

Similarly, it does not cost as much to make an app look outside as it does to maintain it from behind.

The graphics cost involved in making the app from outside is less,

Because, Photoshop and UI/UX software involved. And with the help of this software we can done all the tasks gets done very easily.

But, But, But backend costs a lot. 

Backend consists of different medium such as database. And it is up to you how many users you want to see in the backend. You have to pay for per users. And it's like a billing cycle.

The cost of making a small app is $25. 

How? First of all you have to buy space for uploading your App on Play Store.

And this has to be given only once.

The cost incurred after uploading the app is according to the users.

Means that your app is a service provider like ola, uber and zomato.

Because the users of such apps are in the millions.

So the conclusion is very simple, maintenance cost here will also be a big.

According to businessinsider, facebook maintenance cost on 2018 is $31 Billion.

How big cost it is???? OMG.

But you don't need to be afraid. This is Facebook's expense, not our app.

let me go to the conclusion...

I told you two things, small expense and when you become a big then your expense is also big.

If you want to develop an app, then according to your need, your cost is. But minimum cost is 25$ that i already told you previously.

The cost of making a professional app is 20k to 25k, And it also grows according to the needs of the users.

I hope I have tried my best to give you a good knowledge.

Now you can start your own dream app, best of luck go ahead...

~Jigs Prajapati

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