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Avoiding yourself from the spoofing | By Deepak Saroj


Hey guys, hope you are well and enjoying new year. We all know that if we want to sustain ourselves in today’s technological race, then we have to keep updating ourselves in the same way as we do with our mobile apps. As updating our education , skill, knowledge and personality etc. So that today we will talk about an interesting topic Spoofing. Spoofing is concept of cyber security. We all knowingly or unknowingly are aware of a little bit of spoofing but today we will talk in depth of this topic.

What is spoofing?

        As we know spoofing is the concept of cyber security. The first main concept of spoofing is winning your trust. Hackers smartly work on it. They do it by some of your trusted contacts. They try to  show that you know this contact. As example you some time get a massage from “PayPal” using a fake email name “”  and when we click on it We become victim of spoofing. A unknown  source malware file  start to download and our all data is hacked. There are many types of spoofing text massage, email spoofing , caller id spoofing and even GPS  receiver Spoofing and many more .

How spoofing works?

The criminal often use a big company’s name for this. And change the few alphabet in domain name.
Nowadays  few big companies like Flipkart , Amazon Paytm are good sources for spoofing. Criminal slightly change some alphabets in domain name of your trusted source. Some time you have seen a massage with some information  and below it is written something like this “ for more information click here “.  As soon as you click on it, you either start downloading a malware file or you will be taken to some unknown website. Where you are asked to enter your username and password. And try to take your sensitive data and personal information.

Types of spoofing

Email spoofing

Criminal simply send you a false Email to you with the some of your trustable source and try to make you believes that the massage from your friends ,bank,  company and some other legitimate sources, and  get you data , money and some time they infect your device. Some high-level hackers some time merge the  malware source and virus file in the given link with the help of coding. And it looks like normal link  but when we click on it we unknowingly become a victim of the scam.


Caller id spoofing

You must have received such calls at some point of time, who use their caller ID as if they have been made from a bank or any government office and they ask you to share your personal data and they also speak that if you don’t do this then you may get inconvenienced later. Note that all banks or government departments say that “ they never call their customers for personal information.”


GPS Spoofing

GPS Spoofing is little bit different for other spoofing . It attracts on GPS receiver and try to make believe that it is coming from different location or headed in the different direction by broadcasting bogus GPS signal. GPS Spoofing is much more used for warfare or by gamers. The players of  one of the famous game Pokemon Go are use this too much to show their is location changing . VPN is also a good example of GPS Spoofing.

 ~By Deepak Saroj

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