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Hiya all! 

I Welcomes you all at Jigsimply Talk - A creative community of bloggers, it's good to have you here.

I am not asking how are you all, I know you all are very Fine, Happy and Healthy.

Here what you will get on Jigsimply Talk

Our name of the blog itself says that talkative blog, so we can share everything and practical which is important for all but maximum on Tech affairs. I think you are clear now.

Lets Motivate

I am a simple and fun loving guy which stay amongst you. Two roads diverged in my life and I choose the one that's called travel. There were many struggles which were faced by me on my life track. Though I was confused I choose the right path which was grassy. I always find best things about my life, some time it happens and some time not but it's ok I always try to make me happy by different ways like codings, making videos, website development, and blogging.
People always find a growing career and for that he or she may always try to change their class, stream, job, business and sometimes friends too, but for a longer period of time they might be confused that not get any kicked, is it ?. I give a small suggestion, Please do whatever you like unless and until opportunities get closed.

One important thing always remember in life


I know you are a little bit motivated so its time to introduce my self,

I am Jigs Prajapati - Creator of Jigsimply Talk, I am hardcore - Programmer, Trainer, YouTuber, Digital Marketer and owner of my own business JPWeb Panel.

I would like to describe my flow path shortly.

Before 10 Years I don't know what I do just like every youngster in society but luckily found that I wanted to be a programmer after seen one professional software engineer. I started my career, learn codes and do small jobs as a trainee. My small journey got started after a year I started virtual web farm that I make websites for a client and then start a youtube channel as a Jigsimply Talk. My theory was very simple, I do everything that I like and always try to do at least once.

Now i started one blog for the creative community and I proudly announced that,

Programmer, Trainer, Web Developer, YouTuber and Now I am a Blogger of JigsimplyTalk.

Jigsimply Talk is a creative community where we find the creative, practical and important stuff.

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